Strategic Management Consulting was founded in 1992 to help people and communities achieve their potential.

“Kate is the definition of easy-to-work-with. Extremely adaptable yet focused on the end game, she has a way of bringing out the best in everyone around her.” 

Mike Wittenstein, Retail and Healthcare Customer Experience Designer, Speaker, Consultant, and Facilitator

Strategic Management Consulting
Excellence and Results for Social Benefit


       Kate leading a session for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving at the Pond House

Overview and History

Kate Busch Gervais founded Strategic Management Consulting in 1992 to help social benefit organizations achieve systemic change. Formerly an executive director, program director, development and marketing director, an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, Kate has significant experience in community development and engagement, promotion of philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship.

We assess our work based on the level of long-term benefit to our client's primary customer. We are motivated by how much the community benefits and how sustainable that benefit is.

The firm exists to make positive change in neighborhoods, communities, regions, and the world. We focus on the relationships and connections between people and organizations and help to build these over the long term.

We do not write reports that "sit on a shelf" but instead facilitate plans, processes and systems that are used to raise funds, engage constituents and achieve sustainable results. The plans themselves are proudly dog-eared, coffee-stained and developed into tools that facilitate everyday decision-making. 

The planning and consulting processes themselves are energizing and stimulating.

We work to identify the actual (upstream) challenges in business, nonprofits and larger systems and engage others to make sustainable positive change. Organizations hire us when they are not satisfied with the status quo and are committed to continuous improvement.

We combine data, proven tools, consistent quality improvement, thorough preparation, ongoing and wide-ranging reading and research, flexibility and creativity, the ability to see both the big picture and the impact of the next steps, and an innate ability to "cast" groups effectively to solve problems. 

Our commitment to a valuable process is coupled with a passion for measurable results.

Consulting Services

We offer services that promote systems change and innovative solutions to complex problems.
Strategic Planning Unique, inclusive approaches to real-world planning engages constituents in a valuable, fulfilling and effective process. We work with organizations and their stakeholders as well as communities and groups of organizations that are planning together.

Governance Board of Directors consulting, Board retreats, Board development, training and engagement.

Strategic Fund Development Identifying others who want and need these results helps organizations reach new partners and work with them in new ways

Managing to Outcomes Focusing on results and utilizing various tools including Results Based Accountability (RBA) and evaluation techniques based on data. The voice of the customer is all-important as is a commitment to continuous improvement.

Creativity and Innovation The world is changing at a rapid pace. Developing an agile, resilient structure and a creative environment helps organizations to respond quickly to changes in customers' needs and opportunities.

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