“Tom's leadership of our Evaluation Team was goal-oriented, thoughtful, and inclusive. During his volunteer work with Nanubhai, he led a team of four through the process of creating a comprehensive evaluation plan for our programs, … and selecting a data management strategy. .. He has laid a very solid foundation for the future of our evaluation program and I highly recommend his work.”     

 --Cat Biddle, Executive Director, The Nanubhai Education Foundation

Our values guide our work...
Strategic Management Consulting
Excellence and Results for Social Benefit


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Our Values

We seek to help organizations build their capacity so our services will no longer be needed, though we enjoy re-engaging with previous clients on new projects when appropriate.

Caring and Passion
We seek to work with organizations that we can believe in and stay supportive as they achieve community goals. We are genuine in our caring and honest in our appraisals.

We connect people to create communities of interest that can support each other over the long term.

We continually engage people who have different points of view from the mainstream in order to encourage accountability, effectiveness and an open environment where innovation can thrive. The world is changing at a rapid pace - the social sector must be flexible and attentive to maximize the opportunity afforded by these changes.

We are all still learning. Our consulting is based on thirty years of constantly asking questions and really listening to the answers. We continually read, engage, attend conferences and trainings to learn as much as we can for the benefit of our clients and the community.

Maintaining a view on the horizon and past it - as well as on the here and now - enables us to develop the strategies to reach "big hairy audacious goals" and the humility to really know what it takes to get there

Strategic Management Consulting
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