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Who We Are


Strategic Management Consulting helps nonprofits and other social benefit organizations provide long-term benefit to their clients and customers. Founded by Kate Busch Gervais in 1992, the firm is focused on helping you increase the effectiveness of your organization. 

About Kate


Kate Gervais has more than 20 years of direct work in nonprofits as an executive director, program director, development and marketing director in addition to her 22 years of consulting. She is able to view the consulting engagement from the point of view of the client to provide high-value and lasting impact. 

Most recently, Kate was a key managerial team member for the roll-out of one of the most successful state-run health insurance marketplaces in the nation - Access Health CT. For more than six years, she was senior program and development officer for the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, where she developed the Small Business Health Care Network. In 2011 Kate produced and managed the 57th annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) an international creativity conference. Kate was formerly executive director of the Alliance of Resident Theatres in New York City, and has been director of new philanthropic services at the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, where she managed the Connecticut Giving Project and the launch of Leave a Legacy Connecticut which was awarded state and national awards for excellence and innovation. Kate has expertise in general management, marketing, development, strategic planning and a special expertise in facilities issues for nonprofit organizations. She has designed facilities research and servicesfor the Cultural Facilities Fund of New York City and the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Project. She has served on the Architecture Panel of the New York State Council on the Arts, and advised Grantmakers in the Arts (NYC), the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers (NYRAG) and other groups.

Kate is passionate about social change, building social capital and opportunities for individuals to fully utilize their gifts for themselves, their communities and for the common good. She has been interviewed by CBS-TV, National Public Radio, The New York TimesNew York MagazineThe Hartford Courant, and many Connecticut electronic, print and online media. She has developed sessions and presented at national conferences including Grantmakers in Health and Council on Foundations and has written, edited and published articles and periodicals. 

Our Approach


Your organization is working in an environment of constant change. We combine strategic thinking, key data about your current operation and the larger environment, consistent quality improvement, creativity and innovation, and the ability to see both the big picture and the impact of the next steps.

Strategic Thinking is an approach that identifies trends and connections among seemingly random or unrelated elements within the organization. With this insight, we can bring the elements into alignment - mission, goals, support, community need, volunteer and other community resources and other benefits. Achieving this alignment increases organizational capacity and support and reduces tension within the organization. We utilize up-to-date thinking in nonprofit, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, and other fields. Services include community engagement, strategic planning, creativity training, governance consulting, planning for start-ups, executive coaching, volunteer management, and fundraising planning and capacity building.